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The Great Escape - BELL COUNTY

Pine Mountain State Park   606-337-3066

Pine Mountain State Park


There have been a series of murders in the area lately. A mass murderer is on the loose. You wake up in the dark, in an unfamiliar place. You are disoriented but ok. The only light is the violent red flashing of what appears to be some sort of timer counting down. 59 minutes and change. You’ve got to escape, but

Will you get out alive?
Slots available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
This challenging escape game has been designed to challenge even the brightest competitors. Teams of 10 or less get 1 hour to complete a series of puzzles, challenges, or cyphers to escape. Only 6 team slots available, smaller groups may be combined, fastest time of the day wins a prize. Make your reservations early!