The Board of Directors, along with the sponsors and members of the Cumberland Gap Region Tourism Association, wish to invite you to explore and experience the history, natural beauty, adventures, art, music and the Appalachian culture of the Cumberland Gap Region.  
     The growth and expansion of our beloved country began in 1775 when Daniel Boone lead the first of over 300,000 pioneers, along with their meager belongings, through a gap in the Appalachian Mountain Range that was named the Cumberland Gap.  By blood, sweat and tears these hardy men and women built the first settlements in the rugged and largely unexplored western frontier that eventually became the United States.  
     The ten counties within a twenty-five mile radius of the Cumberland Gap comprise the Cumberland Gap Region.  This rural Tri-state region of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia is uniquely rich with history and natural beauty.  In many communities the Appalachian culture, customs, and practices of the past have been passed down through generations and today are only found in the people and mountains of this region.   
     Plan your next family vacation where you too can walk in the footsteps of Daniel Boone and those early pioneers.


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