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The Path of Creativity - CLAIBORNE COUNTY

Well Being Retreat Center,   557 Narrows Road, Tazewell, Tennessee 37879  (423) 626-9000

Well Being Retreat Center,  557 Narrows Road, Tazewell, Tennessee 37879

(423) 626-9000

The Path of Creativity, a weekend (mostly) silent meditation retreat with Don Oakley and Patty Bottari. The event is by donation and we ask that you bring and prepare one meal for the group attending - usually 12 to 20 people. The general assumption is that creativity is something we are born with or without. But, with a slight shift in perspective, we can discover our own divinely inspired creativity. 

Led by Don Oakley, the author of "It's Time to Wake Up Now: The Top Ten Myths that Can Hijack Spiritual Awakening," a five star rated book on Amazon, and by Patty Bottari, a Director of Well Being Foundation and longtime employee and student of both Adyashanti and Byron Katie